Floatable Waterproof Action Sports Wearable Camera - 24MP 1080HD 16x Zoom

Don't just mount your camera, free it from its mount.

Surf Camera

Chest Mounts your Waterproof Camera to any Wetsuit, Vest or Jacket

Take action shots all around you while you're surfing, skiing or riding.
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Shot while paddling back out. Surf Camera
24MP, 1080HD, 30 Feet Waterproof. The Ultimate Action Sports Camera!
Ski Camera Shown on Snowboarder. Surf Camera

Water Sports, Snow Sports, Land Sports - A True Action Sports Camera

Easy quick access to your camera with a stabilizing hand grip that will also float your waterproof camera. Enables you to shoot the scenery around you that other action sports cameras can't do.  
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Use GoPro attachments to mount The Surf Camera to your motorcycle, Surfboard, Kayak, Helmet 

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Quick Snap Shot that Can't Be Done with a GoPro. Surf Camera
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