Don't just video yourself - Video your surf session!
Surf Camera 3024
Video Your Surroundings - Your Camera Doesn't Have To Stay Mounted
Surf videos are way more interesting when you video your surroundings and not just yourself.
Don't bore your viewers! 
With the Surf Camera case you not only can video yourself by attaching it to your surfboard, but you can also quickly pull the camera from the case and start shooting the action around you. You can't do this with a GoPro, in fact you can't do this with any other action sports camera. 
The patent Surf Camera case collapses around the camera to securely hold it but instantly releases when you pull it out with the camera float grip attached to the camera's lanyard. 
You can video right from the chest of your wetsuit or vest -or- mount it to your surfboard like a GoPro -or- you can quickly pull it out to shoot video around you. 
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