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Q. Won’t the product be a distraction when I’m paddling out or for a wave?
A. No, you won’t even realize it’s there. In fact, you’ll even panic and have to reach for it a couple of times because you’ll think it’s not there.

Q. How does it attach to your wetsuit again?  
A. Check out this: directions page . It has a plate the same size as the attachment in the first pic of the link above. The plate goes on the inside of the wetsuit. Then, the two stainless steel screws that you pin through are very small (No. 8 screws). Once you tighten the screws (just snug!) the pin holes are sealed and it becomes rock solid on your wetsuit.

Q. Where is the best place to wear it on my wetsuit or vest?
A. You want it high on your chest so it's about 1 inch below the sewn stitch of the necks (center) collar on your wetsuit. For tank-top vests, approx. ¼ inch below the sewn stitch of the neck. *Best to have the attachment in the very center of chest.* It doesn’t have to be perfect.

Q. Will I have two little pin holes in my wetsuit if I want to remove the attachment to put it on a different wetsuit?
A. Just put the attachment back on if you’re going to wear it. It only takes 2 to 3 minutes to attach and it completely seals the two pin holes.

Q. Won’t I get a rash from the inside part of the attachment?
A. No, you won't feel it or even realize it's there.

Q. Can I shoot video while my camera is in the case as I’m surfing?
 A. Yes. That’s the whole idea for barrel riding or longboarding.

Q. Does the waterproof camera float?
A. Yes. And the Surf Camera orange float handle tied to your lanyard will float it as well.

Q. What if I drop my camera while it’s out of the case? A. The retractable elastic expandable band that comes with it will keep you from loosing your camera. Always check your gear for security before you go.

Q. Can I attach it to my rash guard if I’m surfing warm water? A. I don’t recommend it. It will be too floppy hanging there. For warm water you can use a 1mm tank top vest like I have pictured on this website. The Surf Camera is lighter than most other waterproof cameras. 

Q. Can the Surf Camera case fit other waterproof cameras?
A. Most all waterproof digital cameras will work great as in the Surf Camera case. We recommend our own Surf Camera because it doesn't have all the useless wifi and GPS stuff that you'll never use when surfing. Without the extra needless electronics, it's why this camera is much lighter and durable. 

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