Shot from the channel with a Fuji waterproof camera

Surf Camera

Surf Camera has set out to change the course of surfing history by giving soul surfers inexpensive tools to make their own surfing film or portfolio with ease. 

For the first time the soul surfer can receive and take quality surf photos and videos with friends while paddling on a surfboard with a waterproof digital camera that’s easy to access.

When your surf session is finished, you’ll be re-stoked when you see the high quality surf photos and videos you and your friends took using the Surf Camera with 24MP still shots and 1080P HD video. 

Take photos and videos of each surf session to document your surfing lifestyle. 

No more beach shots from girlfriends who would rather take photos of birds. Now you can be stoked with hundreds of high resolution surf photos and videos from every surf session. 
Shot above the lip with the Olympus waterproof camera

Surf Camera History

Surf Camera was founded by Scott Bishop in September 2005. Scott is a successful entrepreneur who has owned and operated an aviation company for the 18 plus years. 

With his surfing lifestyle living at the beach he realized that after 20 years of consistent surfing that there wasn't much to show for him and his friends. Just a handful of poor quality shots from the beach.

When he read about Pentax releasing the first waterproof digital camera he started developing the idea of attaching it to his wetsuit. He invented a way to attach it just under his collarbone to where it didn't hinder his surfing in any way. 

As waterproof cameras became more advanced, they makers veered off into the wrong direction and started added needless electronics to their cameras like wifi and GPS which no one ever uses out in the surf. These needless electronics made their cameras bigger, bulkier, heavier and more complicated then necessary. 

Scott then set out to design is own waterproof camera taking it back to the basics with a slim, sleek, lightweight design with easier functionality for surfing with. 
Shot with the Pentax waterproof camera

Our Products

The new waterproof Surf Camera takes breath-taking quality surfing photos and is very compact in size without the need for any bulky plastic casings like the GoPro and it's copiers. 

Scott jokingly says some of the vainest people in the world are surfers. When he first paddled up into a crowded line up with his Surf Camera case invention on, every surfer in the water was curious as to what it was then asked him if they could get a photo of them on a wave. 

With only the pros getting surf photos by professional swimming photographers from angles out in the water, Surf Camera is about to change all that and the course of surf history.
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