The Surf Camera is a compact sports camera with easy access while playing your favorite sport. You can video while you're wearing it or quickly pull your camera out to shoot your surroundings and easily slip the camera back in place without it ever being in your way.
Don't just mount your camera, free it from its mount!
The Surf Camera case will chest mount onto any wetsuit and has an inside bead to hold the waterproof Surf Camera in place while being pounded by 20 foot waves but will quickly eject out from the case for that quick surf photo by pulling on a floating grip (included) and can quickly insert back in so you can surf the next wave for yourself. And in case you drop the Surf Camera while it's out of the case, don't panic, it comes with an expendable elastic band too.
You can also chest mount the Surf Camera to your ski jacket or life vest for skiing, snowboarding, kayaking and all kinds of action sports wear. Patent nylon holder collapses over the Surf Camera to firmly hold it in place with nothing to unzip, velcro or snap making it quick to grab your camera.
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Surf Camera 3024 - Waterproof

Surf Camera Explained

If you're into skiing or snowboarding you can chest mount the Surf Camera to your ski jacket and video your friends as you ski behind them. You don't even have to remove your gloves. Works killer!
  • eyes free insert lift tab
  • hands free video window
  • float grip handle
  • expandable elastic band
  • wetsuit attachment
  • Inside bead wraps camera to securely hold in place when inserted
  • Inside bead automatically releases when camera is pulled out of case
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